Masal Vadai Recipe

Masal Vadai is one of the tastiest food item in Tamil nadu.

Let’s see how to make it.

Ingredients Required:

Channa Dhall – 1 Cup(Soak for 2 hours)

Onion – 1 no(Big)

Green Chilli – 4 no’s(Chopped)

Ginger- Small piece

Garlic – 5 no’s

Coriander leaves – As Required

Curry leaves – As Required

Salt – As required

Oil – As required

Preparation Method:

Grind Channa dhall, garlic and ginger together by adding salt(Don’t add water).  Don’t make the mixture so soft let it be rough like a sand. Add coriander, curry leaves, chilies and chopped onions to the mixture and mix it well.

On the other side, Heat the oil under medium flame. Once its started heating, apply water on both the palm and take a  dough(Big Gooseberry size) , place it in the left palm ,tap it to the right palm and drop it gently into the oil.

Repeat the same for all the vada’s.

Once the vada turns to golden brown , Take the vada and serve it with chutney.








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